Hugo and Kendra

"Wow! You have such an incredible talent! When I saw the first photo it took my breath away & I literally had tears! We could not be happier with our photos. Absolutely love them!!! 

Thank you so much for everything thus far. We both enjoyed our shoot with you so much! Hugo told me afterwards how he really enjoyed himself & felt way more comfortable then he had expected. Kudos to you Kevin!"


Karl and Victoria

"We really want you to know how many people were SOOO excited about the fact that you were our photographer - we got many compliments about you, your sense of humour, and how fun you were from tons of friends and family! Thanks for that - you made our day so much easier and fun! 

The photos (of course) look amazing!"

Andrew and Casey

"Love love love love them! So many great photos of the people we love!"

Zack and Maryanna


We love you. We love the pictures. Can't say it enough. My whole family agrees that you captured us so well, our relationships and our love for each other and we were all extremely blessed to look through these photos and relive that day. You were a wonderful addition to our wedding party, you became part of the family. It was so great to not have a stranger following us around with a camera but a friend and a brother. If we could do it all over again we would hire you again in a heartbeat!

We can't say it enough Kevin. Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding."

Kevin's note: I had only met them over Skype before meeting them for the first time in Guatemala. The 'friend and brother' thing happened in my week with the family :P

Luke and Susie

"We have nothing but GREAT feedback!!!

Thank you SO much for the gift you left... my goodness so unexpected <3 

We LOVE the prints ... such a treasure for us... best of all.. you gave us chocolate... amaze!

You were absolutely fantastic on our wedding day - and the photos speak to that!"