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You're probably not a model.  Have I offended you already?  Let me clarify.

Once upon a time, I dipped my toe into the modelling/acting pool and it felt pretty cold and empty.  Not only was I putting on someone else's face and speaking someone's else's words, but I often found being in front of the camera uncomfortable.  Rather, I found being in front of many "directors" uncomfortable.  Anyone can learn to use a camera but working with people is another feat entirely.  Entirely.

I'm hoping that words like "perfect" and "flawless" mean less to you than words like honest, warm and fun.  I'm hoping that social media's daily barrage of wedding photos hasn't set an unreachable expectation for you of what your big day should be like.  I'm hoping that you're excited to celebrate your big moment with everyone you love regardless what's "vibing" on Pintertweet or Instawhat because all that matters is that you love being YOU with your people.

I love God, and I love the people he makes inside and out.  This has been the driving force behind my pursuit in photography. I like looking at nice things, and I LOVE looking for the heart beneath the surface and calling it out to play.  If that means sitting down with grandma, offering some sloppy moves on the dance floor, or telling your funny friend to say something inappropriate, that's what's going down.  You will look your best when you feel your best.  Any direction I give you will be in an effort to cultivate an environment where you feel great.

Let's do coffee :)